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Good morning lovelies.  This past year, I have been forced to realize the unfortunate reality that life is so incredibly fragile.  That in a split second, your life can be changed forever, and you won’t even have time to say goodbye.  It is because of this that I have begun to think about just what life means to me, and what I want to leave the world when my time comes.

During this time I decided that I wasn’t going to live for anyone else, and that is a powerful decision.

But what does that mean?  It means that I will no longer compare myself to others.  I will no longer regret that candy bar I ate earlier.  I will plan elaborate vacations, even if I never get to take them, because it is important to be a dreamer.  I will set big goals for myself and work hard to achieve them.

I will stop looking at myself in the mirror and wishing I saw something else.

This is a big one.

Girls have it rough.  I think everyone knows that.  From the time we are very young we are inundated with images of how we should look, and we are not taught to appreciate the beauty within.  Fashion magazines and runway models flaunt near flawless bodies, and are held as the pinnacle of beauty.

Well, not in my book.

To me, beauty is a new mother, scared and hopeful and delicate.   It’s a school teacher who has worked her whole life giving to others, and never to herself.  It’s a single 30 something who is wondering ‘what the hell and I doing?’.  We are all beautiful.  And we all deserve to feel beautiful.

And that’s where The Beauty Collective comes in.

The Beauty Collective was started by a wonderful photographer, Athena Pelton, who is not only incredibly talented but also unbelievably generous.  She started the Collective (you can read about it here) for the same reasons I have: she wants women to see themselves how WE see them.

It’s difficult to be photographed.  I know exactly what goes through your head when you see a picture of yourself.

Oh my gosh, do my arms really look like that?  What am I doing with my hand?  Why does my nose scrunch like that?  If only I had blue eyes.  Why can’t I just lose 10 pounds?

Enter The Beauty Collective.

“A portrait project aimed at capturing the essence of women. Of showcasing imperfection, and defining it as exquisitely beautiful.”

I am looking for several women who are willing to shed the modern stigma of beauty and see themselves for who they truly are; no makeup, no photoshop, just beautiful, black and white images for you to cherish.

It will be unnerving.  It will be scary.  It will be liberating.

In return for your fearlessness, you will receive copies of all the photos on disk, as well as an 8×10 to hang in your home, as a token of my gratitude.

Because after all, life is short.  Don’t waste it wishing you were different.

Celebrate you.


*If you would like to participate in The Beauty Collective, please email me at

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