Romantic DIY Miami Wedding | Kristin + Josh

Kristin + Josh had the perfect day.  No lie.  The weather was amazing, the setting was gorgeous, they were surrounded by family and friends, and they could not be more. in. love.  It was perfect not only for them, but for me, too.  Yeah, they are like the best looking couple on the planet, and I could have photographed them for days, but it’s so much more than that.

Kristin, Josh, and their families made my second shooter, Natalie, and I feel so at home.  We were guests at their wedding, not just the photographers.  This is so, so special for us.

Kristin + Josh-7306Kristin + Josh-7353Kristin + Josh-7291Kristin + Josh-7327Kristin + Josh-7347Kristin + Josh-7358Kristin + Josh-7410Kristin + Josh-7387Kristin + Josh-7550Kristin + Josh-7570Kristin + Josh-7585Kristin + Josh-7632Kristin + Josh-5793Kristin + Josh-7645Kristin + Josh-7660Kristin + Josh-7679Kristin + Josh-7698Kristin + Josh-7861Kristin + Josh-5812Kristin + Josh-5819Kristin + Josh-7754Kristin + Josh-7776Kristin + Josh-7954Kristin + Josh-7985Kristin + Josh-8026Kristin + Josh-8059brooklyn wedding photographer_0334

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