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Intimate Watercolor Beach Wedding Photographer

Lieze is an artist.  And I don’t just mean that she sketches after work and on the weekends, girl is an ARTIST.   Because she is a true artist, there are so many amazing DIY items at this wedding!

For starters, this was a destination wedding weekend.  Lieze found this spectacular townhouse steps from the water in Watercolor Beach, FL.  It was immaculate.  We swam in the pool, walked in the ocean, drank good wine, and just relaxed for two days in paradise.  Yes, WE.  Lieze and David were kind enough to invite me into their wedding festivities.  I couldn’t love them more!

key west wedding photographer_0599key west wedding photographer_0600key west wedding photographer_0601key west wedding photographer_0602

So to begin with all of the DIY items…Lieze’s hairpiece was repurposed from the same hairpiece her mother wore on her wedding day nearly 30 years ago.  And that anklet she’s wearing?  Yeah, she made it by hand.  key west wedding photographer_0603key west wedding photographer_0604

This was one of my all time favorite first looks every!  Look how HAPPY they are!

key west wedding photographer_0605key west wedding photographer_0606key west wedding photographer_0607

David made this wedding arch for his bride.  He and Lieze spent months scouring antique and vintage stores for the decor found at their ceremony.  It was absolutely breathtaking.

key west wedding photographer_0608key west wedding photographer_0610

Every place setting you see here was found an a thrift store and/or hand made by Lieze.

key west wedding photographer_0609key west wedding photographer_0611key west wedding photographer_0612key west wedding photographer_0613

This might be one of my favorite photos from their day.  Lieze is from South Africa originally, therefore at the reception, they had the American as well as the South African flags proudly flying.  key west wedding photographer_0614key west wedding photographer_0615

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