DIY Mountain Wedding | Chelsea + Hunter

Nantahala National Forest Intimate Wedding

Chelsea and Hunter originally contacted me in 2015 about an elopement in Costa Rica.  Within the first 5 minutes of chatting with them I knew they would be one of ‘those couples’.  Photographers DREAM of ‘those couples’, the ones we connect with one pretty much every level.  Clients that trust us, believe in our artistic vision, and are just 100% themselves.  You might remember their engagement session from November of that year.


Hunter’s parents have owned this beautiful property at Huffman Creek since he was little.  Hunter, his brother, and some of their close family and friends spent their summers here for years.  When Hunter and Chelsea met, it became one of her favorite places as well.  Plans for Costa Rica fell through after the threat of Zika virus came about.  Not to let anything get them down, Chelsea and Hunter came up with a new plan: a weekend getaway for their nearest and dearest at the Huffman Creek Retreat.  SO WORTH IT.  florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0696florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0705

Hunter’s brother became ordained to marry them.  The ceremony was nothing short of magic; he even made this offering table for them.  DEAD.florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0693

Chelsea’s grandpa showing us what gentleman should look like.



OK…So this wedding was DIY as you might have gathered from the post title.  Hunter made this teepee you guys.  WITH HIS BARE HANDS. I should also mention that he works for the National Forest and is just a badass in general. florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0698florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0692florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0699

Chelsea shines in everything she tries.  And I’m not just saying that.  She planned this wedding in under six months all while running a luxury lodge in the NC mountains, and maintaining a social life, as well as starting a new business on her own.  She is ALSO a badass.  Just look at these centerpieces!  We spent the morning making her vision come to life.  And what a vision it was…florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0694florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0702florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0707florida-keys-wedding-photographer_0706

Chelsea, Hunter…Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being my friends.  I love you!

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