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Choosing a wedding photographer might not be quite as life altering as choosing your fiancé, but it can still be pretty daunting. There are like, a gajillion wedding photographers within a 5 foot radius of you; how on earth are you supposed to pick one?

Why me?

Well, for starters, I’m pretty cool.  I wear a leather jacket when it’s mildly cold outside and I listen to old school rap pretty regularly, so I have that going for me. 

Also, I’m not really a rule follower. 

I won’t follow your shot list to a T.  Why?  Because photography is art!  Do you think Picasso followed a checklist?  

What I WILL do is make you laugh until you cry.  I might even make you blush. I’ll give you photographs you, your children, and their children will cherish forever. 

I’m also a kick ass friend. 

From the first email you send me to your grand exit, I’m your girl.  Texts at 3 am to talk about your dress? Cool. Coffee dates so you can bitch about your bridesmaids? I got you! 

So, send me an email.  Let’s chat.  Fill me in on all the details of your wedding day. If we seem like a good fit, then it’s on to the next step

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