Monthly Goal Setting | April 2019

I have always been a list writer. Sometimes my lists are written and then lost, never to be seen again. Sometimes I make a list of things I’ve already done just for the satisfaction of checking off boxes (don’t act like you’ve never done it!). But most of the time, I need lists to keep me on track and accountable. Here is where my blog comes in… this month I am introducing a new BLOG SERIES, where I write down all of my monthly goals. Being a Florida Keys wedding photographer – or a wedding photographer in ANY location – can be incredibly time consuming, but with this series I’m hoping to set goals and smash them.

Did you know that just by writing down goals or saying them out loud, you’re 42% more likely to achieve them? When you share your goals with others, you’re even MORE likely to get. shit. DONE. Welp…I’m writing them down AND sharing my goals, so LISTEN UP, UNIVERSE!

1. Send weddings to publication.

I have photographed a few weddings in the past year or so that I think would fit really well into some wedding blogs and magazines. But finding the time to send them in for publication always seems so daunting. I’m not sure why. But, the payoff…seeing your images in print…SO WORTH IT! I need to just set aside a day to gather all of my favorite images from these weddings and send them over. Some weddings I’m thinking of are ASHLEY + JOE’S Audubon House wedding, and DANIELLE + MICHAEL’S Morada Bay wedding. What do you think? Are there any other weddings you think would fit a certain blog or magazine?

2. Celebrate Gavin’s 1st birthday.

This isn’t so much a goal, because obviously I’m going to celebrate my little man, but I’m really taking the time this month to reflect on this past year. Becoming a mother has been the most exhausting, humbling, and all-encompassing experience of my life. Seeing this little person grow from a tiny dot on an ultrasound screen, to a fragile newborn baby, to an almost walking, always talking, near-toddler has been so much fun. Really. I can’t believe he’s already been in our lives for a whole year, but I also can’t imagine life without him.

Being a parent has totally changed my perspective on life, love, and my business. I care less and less about things that don’t directly affect our lives or change it for the better. I know what my mom meant when she said she could feel her heart grow when she became a mom. I didn’t at first, but man…it grows. I really value my time more, and my time away from my family is valuable. I try to be present when I’m home, and focus on him completely.

Everyone keeps asking me if we are throwing him a party but, honestly? I just want to have a quiet night at home with my boys. Maybe we’ll let Gavin try a cupcake! I wonder if he’ll be a chocolate lover like his momma and daddy?

3. Blog at least 2 times a week.

This one is going to be really tough for me, and I should probably be more realistic and say once a week, but whatever….I’m ambitious! I’m brainstorming some awesome ideas such as:

  • Vendor/Venue spotlights in South Florida
  • Wedding planning guides and How-To Guides
  • Friday Five’s, where I share 5 ideas, things I’m doing, etc.
  • Business tips for other photographers
  • Personal posts (like this one, and others that I have been thinking about for a while)
  • Guest posts from other wedding vendors.

I would love to hear your ideas about what YOU would like to see on the blog! Leave me a comment below!

Monthly Goal Setting | April 2019

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