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Weddings are full of all of the things that make life better.  I love getting to be a part of your story, documenting the images that will be shown to future generations.  My greatest values are family and heritage preservation.  That might seem like an odd combination, but it falls perfectly inline with wedding photography.  I am passionate about creating images that not only make you feel like the star of your own wedding day, but that you'll be proud to hang on your wall.

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ABOUT Alyssa

At home near the sea. Ever-focused on beauty and the thrilling art of creation; found in the moments that leave me breathless and in awe. 

Growing up, photos always fascinated me.  I was raised to be inquisitive, ask questions, and appreciate history.  What better way to peak someone's interest than with a photograph?  

I always thought I would end up in the pages of Vogue (though I still hope!), but after the tragic loss of my mother, I turned to wedding photography on a whim and fell in love with the energy that can only be found when two people decide on forever.  The overwhelming joy, nostalgia, and attention to detail captured my heart in 2012, and I never looked back.

I squeeze clients meetings in between nap times, and I drive my kids to school and daycare only to run into meetings with designers, florists, and beautiful clients before racing back to gather them back up again. The most amazing part, is that I feel most alive in this environment. Wedding days are chaotic, just like parenting.  Couples and families require empathy and genuine care, just like my children.  

I expertly navigate your wedding from my extensive experience in this industry, and what this offers you is the peace of mind on your wedding day to relax and enjoy what you have created. Booking with Alyssa Morgan Photography allows you to sit back, enjoy your party, and trust that every part of the day is going to be handled with ease, grace, and a whole lot of laughter along the way.

Adventurer.  Traveler.  Mother.

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FINE ART IMAGES WITH a focus on forever

These are the images you will share with your children and grandchildren.  They will be framed on your walls, treasured on your mother's mantle, and flipped through in albums for years to come.  What I do is preserve your legacy in images, with a twist.  It's not just about smiling at the camera.  It's the small gestures of affection, the winks from across the room, and the ear-to-ear smile as you walk down the aisle towards forever that really set the stage for images you'll never want to put down. 

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She truly captured our day and all of the emotion and love that surrounded it.

— Teryn, 2020 Bride

I value authenticity in imagery and communication.  I value tradition with a nod to making it your own.  I value the relationships between you and each of your guests, whether it be a grandparent or childhood friend.  I value honesty and vulnerability, from both you and I.  Above all else, I value the trust that you've instilled in my ability to capture one of the best chapters in your love story. 

My Values


You and I have a lot in common.  You crave adventure and genuine emotion.  You appreciate the beauty of the past, and focus on creating an even more beautiful future.  You want a wedding day full of laughter and fun.  You won't settle for anything less than everything.

My clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

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