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Teryn and Scott chose to come down to the Keys from Atlanta for a Hemingway Home wedding. Planning a destination wedding can be a challenge for sure, but I would say with help from Peggy at Destination Wedding Studio, they pulled it off. It was a drop dead gorgeous day, and I’m not just talking […]

Hemingway Home Wedding | Teryn + Scott


Wedding albums have started to make a comeback in the last few years and I am HERE👏 FOR👏 IT. Some people, however, seem to be under the impression that wedding albums are antiquated and not a necessity. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are three reasons why a wedding album is always a […]

3 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Album


Emily and Andrew decided on an Islamorada elopement and came all the way from the UK to do it! It was a little cloudy that day, but to be honest I kind of prefer cloudy days to super bright ones when it comes to photos. Usually, the clouds make for some really flattering light! Check […]

Emily + Andrew’s Islamorada Elopement

dramatic wedding photo