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Casa Marina Key West Wedding | Salina + Tony


I’m so excited to finally be featuring Salina and Tony’s Casa Marina Key West wedding on the blog! As with all my couples, it was such and honor to capture their special day. Their wedding was super family-focused and it showcased both of their values perfectly. Not to mention the colors for this wedding were to DIE for – and truly matched the Key West vibe!

Casa Marina Key West Wedding

Originally, Salina and Tony’s wedding was on the books for April 2020. Because most of the country was in the midst of shutdown, they made the decision to postpone! It was a super difficult decision for them to make because of how much they wanted to get married. But in the end, their day turned out to be everything they could have hoped for! The first time Salina put on her wedding gown, she cried tears of joy because of how long she had been waiting for that very moment. How sweet is that?!

Tony was (and still is!) absolutely heard over heels in love with Salina on their wedding day. You could tell that every time he looked at her, all he could think about was how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Both Salina and Tony come from super close families that were SO excited to be celebrating in Key West with them!

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