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5 Reasons to Hire Local Florida Keys Photographer

If you’re planning a wedding – or even just a vacation – to the Keys, there are plenty of reasons why you should hire a local Florida Keys photographer. Not only does it help our local economy (yay!) there are also perks for you, too!

We know all the secret spots

When you think of the Keys, you probably think of sleepy little islands where we just work on our tan and drink cocktails out of coconuts. Honestly, that’s not TOO far off base, but the truth is we are a BOOMING tourist destination. Certain months of the year we are packed solid, and it can be hard to get those dreamy photographs you’re looking for when you have to fight off hoards of people at the closest beach.

Your solution? Hire a photographer that knows all the secret spots. We’ll help you find that off the beaten path location that isn’t super crowded and also fits your vision. Bonus? Your photos won’t look like everyone else’s!

The weather doesn’t scare us

We spend half of our year in hurricane season. Like, literally a hurricane could strike at any moment 6 months out of the year. I don’t say that to scare you off (although you should DEFINITELY consider the time of year when wedding planning…) but to let you know that a little rain and wind isn’t going to scare us off.

I’ve learned over the years to watch the weather radar religiously leading up to weddings and sessions. If I think the rain will be torrential and last for hours, I’ll come up with a plan B or even C. But my gear can take a little sprinkle and the right amount of wind can make photos look like they belong in a romance movie.

We know how (and where) to have a good time

Want to know where the locals eat and grab a drink? I got you. Key west especially is FULL of tourist traps with overpriced, underwhelming fare that won’t impress anyone. But, there are a few hidden gems off the beaten path that are for sure worth checking out.

Now with that said, don’t discount the historic bars around Duval Street! Sloppy Joe’s and Hog’s Breath are full of charm, and you’ll find plenty of local flavor there.

Vendors? More like friendors.

Although the Keys are made up of many islands, it’s really just like one small town. We all know each other! Vendors see each other all the time at events and even outside of ‘work’. We can all make recommendations on not only who is the best in their field, but also who we work the best with. Finding vendors that work well together means your wedding day vision will come to life that much more easily.

We’ve got that Florida Keys vibe you love

You’re getting married in the Keys for a reason, right? I’ll bet it’s because of that laid back, fun-in-the-sun vibe you feel as soon as you pull off the 18 mile stretch. It’s a whole different world down here, and the locals fully embrace it. From the zen like upper keys to the zany lower keys (Key West is affectionately known as Key Weird for a reason), you’re bound to find something you love.

Looking for a local Florida Keys photographer?

My associate photographers, videographer, and myself are all locals! We live here full time, raise our babies here, and love showing our clients a good time while they’re here. If you’re interested in getting married in the Keys and want to know how we can help you with a local’s edge, fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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