3 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Album


Wedding albums have started to make a comeback in the last few years and I am HERE👏 FOR👏 IT. Some people, however, seem to be under the impression that wedding albums are antiquated and not a necessity. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are three reasons why a wedding album is always a good idea.

Wedding album

It’s Part of Your Legacy

One of my favorite things to do is look through old photo albums my parents and family have put together. Especially the albums from before I was born; my parents growing up, their first home, and vacations together. Seeing them young and carefree is so special to me, even more so since losing my mom in 2015.

Your wedding album is a part of your legacy. Your children and grand children will spend time flipping through the pages, trying to get a better glimpse into the person you were before they knew you.

Technology is Ever Changing

I’m about to age myself here but…when I was a kid, we saved things on floppy disks. Think I can get a hold of anything on a floppy disk on my MacBook? Hell no! My laptop doesn’t even have a disk drive. When I first started my photography business, it was the standard to give all the images on a CD, and now THOSE aren’t even accessible on modern computers. And guys…that wasn’t even a DECADE ago! Crazy right? So, think about what technology will look like in 5, 10, even 20 years down the road.

You know what still works? Albums. I have an album from my great grandmother that is nearly 100 years old at this point. I don’t know who a lot of the people in the photos are, but it’s so fun to look through and try to pick out my features or the features of my kids in the faces of these family members. How amazing is it that I can do that, generations later?

Show Off All Your Hard Work!

You’ve spend so many months, years even, planning this wedding. Choosing every little detail, mulling over color and floral options, finding the perfect dress or tux. Now is the time to show off all that hard work. Not to mention, all the amazing memories created on your wedding day. Seeing your photos in print is so special. They aren’t meant to live on a computer screen. Print those babies!

So…How Do We Get an Album?

I sell wedding albums one of two ways: either when you book your wedding collection with me, or after the wedding. When you purchase an album at booking, there’s a discount included.

After your wedding, once you’ve seen your photos, I will design an album for you based on your favorite images. You’ll be able to make revisions, choose your album cover, and any additional features like a wooden album box or parent album.

Interested in learning more? Fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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Growing up, photos always fascinated me.  I was raised to be inquisitive, ask questions, and appreciate history.  What better way to peak someone's interest than with a photograph?  

I always thought I would end up in the pages of Vogue (though I still hope!), but after the tragic loss of my mother, I turned to wedding photography on a whim and fell in love with the energy that can only be found when two people decide on forever.  The overwhelming joy, nostalgia, and attention to detail captured my heart in 2012, and I never looked back.

I squeeze clients meetings in between nap times, and I drive my kids to school and daycare only to run into meetings with designers, florists, and beautiful clients before racing back to gather them back up again. The most amazing part, is that I feel most alive in this environment. Wedding days are chaotic, just like parenting.  Couples and families require empathy and genuine care, just like my children.  

I expertly navigate your wedding from my extensive experience in this industry, and what this offers you is the peace of mind on your wedding day to relax and enjoy what you have created. Booking with Alyssa Morgan Photography allows you to sit back, enjoy your party, and trust that every part of the day is going to be handled with ease, grace, and a whole lot of laughter along the way.

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