Meredith + Lauren’s Fort Zachary Taylor Wedding


This wedding you guys…so many amazing emotions. Not only are Meredith and Lauren some of the kindest, easiest to get along with people I’ve ever met, but they have the sweetest relationship. It’s easy to tell how much they care for one another and how easily they have fit into one another’s lives. Coming from the cold northeast, they decided to have a Fort Zachary Taylor wedding in sunny Key West. I’m so thrilled they asked me to be their photographer, and that I was able to capture these moments for them.

Getting Ready at the Kimpton Lighthouse Hotel

The Lighthouse Hotel is one of my favorite places to have couples get ready. Not only are the grounds perfect, but the room where they typically book engaged couples is MASSIVE and has the best natural light pouring into the windows. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet one of the neighborhood cats. The property sits right across the street from the Hemingway House, known for its six-toed residents.

Ceremony on the Beach at Fort Zachary Taylor

Fort Zachary always holds a special place in my heart, because it’s where my husband and I were married. We were on the opposite side of the beach, but every time I photograph a ceremony here I’m a little nostalgic. It’s so pretty!

Fort Zachary Taylor Wedding

Reception Inside Historic Fort Zachary Taylor

Ok, I had no idea you could actually have a reception INSIDE the fort! How cool is that?? The tables were set up inside the fort walls, and the dance floor was just outside. For the cocktail hour, they were able to be on TOP of the fort, overlooking the sunset. I’m even more in love with this venue now.

Are you considering having a Fort Zachary Taylor wedding? It’s one of my favorite venues, so shoot me an email today and let’s chat!

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