Benefits Of Hiring a Videography and Photography Team

Benefits Of Hiring a Videographer and Photographer Team


At Alyssa Morgan Photography, we are more than just wedding photographers. We are a team of memory makers, here to capture your wedding on photo and film. There is nothing we love more than telling your love story while keeping your day relaxed and full of fun! There are so many benefits to hiring a videography and photography team, so we wanted to share the top 5 reasons you should book them together!

Fewer vendors to keep up with.

There are a lot of moving pieces at a wedding! But when you hire a videography and photography team together, that is one less vendor to manage. This keeps communication streamlined, leaves you with fewer invoices to keep track of, and provides a seamless day-of experience. Any communication that is sent to me is also shared with my second photographer and video team so there is no need to track multiple people down to relay the same message!

Outdoor engagement session in Key West Why you should hire a videographer and photographer team

We know how to work together.

As a team, we know how exactly to communicate with each other in an efficient and kind way while getting exactly what we need overall for our client. You’ll see my video person and I ‘dancing’ around each other during the reception, making sure we aren’t in the way of the other. It’s a dance we’ve perfected over years of working together! Of course, we are friendly no matter WHO we work with, but it’s nice to know that everyone on our team holds the same standard for the products we give to our clients. 

Benefits Of Hiring a Videographer and Photographer Team Why you should hire a videography and photography team

We pose with video and photo in mind.

There is no need for you to pose twice! We work together to capture your wedding moments authentically while getting shots for both video and photo. I make sure nothing happens without my video guy because we are a team with the same goal in mind. Often times photographers move on without thinking twice because photos are all they have to worry about. But for us, we make sure it’s all captured on photo and video! This also lets the portraits go smoother since you can just enjoy the time together, and not worry about re-creating a pose so the videographer can capture it.

Coastal engagement session in the Florida Keys Outdoor engagement session in Key West

The same editing style.

There is no need to worry about two very different editing styles! We keep things very true to life; true colors, tones, and lighting. Because of this, you’re left with a seamless look that’s cohesive and a true representation of your day. This is often harder to achieve when you book two separate vendors since everyone has their own way of shooting and editing.

Take a look at the following galleries + their corresponding videos to see what I mean!

Maddie + Zach’s Video
Maddie + Zach’s Photo Gallery

Natalie + Richard’s Video
Natalie + Richard’s Photo Gallery

Outdoor engagement session in Key West Why you should hire a videographer and photographer team

A more efficient wedding day flow.

The most important detail of a wedding is the timeline and flow. As a team, we can help you and your planner create a much better timeline since we are both there to help! A videographer and photographer team that has experience working together will get through your wedding day seamlessly. Our wedding day questionnaire is shared between everyone on the team, so we all know exactly what is important to you, and how you’d like to relive the day over and over!

Why you should hire a videography and photography team Coastal engagement session in the Florida Keys

Benefits Of Hiring a Videography and Photography Team

As you start to plan your Florida Keys weddings, don’t forget to think about videography! While photography is important, so is videography. It allows your day to be viewed in a different way, which always brings in so many emotions when watched. It lets you really relive your day, over and over again! From those sweet little moments together to your family laughing and toasting, you can really experience it all. It’s about more than photography or videography. It is about making memories together! I would love to tell you more about our packages, and how we work with our incredible couples. Reach out, and let’s celebrate together!

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